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Rising in the east

Blais announces economic development initiative for Orléans

Cumberland Councillor Stephen Blais announced the City of Ottawa’s plan for Economic Development for Orléans.

“Too many of us are forced to commute into the downtown or other parts of Ottawa,” says Blais. “By attracting high quality jobs to Orléans we will ensure more of us enjoy a more balanced lifestyle and higher quality of life.”

While Orléans possesses a young, highly educated and bilingual workforce, employment opportunities in the community have consistently lagged behind population growth, largely because of its past difficulty in attracting major employers and investment to the area.

“Orléans is a great place to raise a family,” says Blais. “I believe it’s also a great place to locate your corporate office.”

To address the historical challenge, the Orléans Economic Development Plan includes the implementation of a Community Improvement Plan through which the City of Ottawa can provide financial incentives, in designated areas, to stimulate private sector investment.

“By offering important financial incentives we are hoping to attract thousands of new, high paying, high quality jobs to our community,” adds Blais. “As more Orléans residents can work closer to home, the less pressure will be placed on important infrastructure like HWY 174 and Transit.”

Knowledge Based Sector Development

The Orléans Community Improvement Plan is aimed at attracting knowledge-based employers to the community and increasing employment opportunities in Orléans. Specifically, the plan incents business development in the sectors of wireless; photonics; clean technologies; life sciences; aerospace and defence; and financial and government services.

Financial Incentives

Through the Orléans Community Improvement Plan property owners may be eligible for Property Tax Incentives such as:

  • Property tax incremental financing (commonly called TIF) i.e. tax-increment-equivalent grants
  • Property Tax deferral of payment
  • Property Tax forgiveness (relief from having to pay incremental amount of tax associated with increased assessment for a fixed period)

“Private sector growth is important for Ottawa’s growth,” says John Herbert Executive Director , Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association. “Creating an environment to help employers succeed will lead to success for Ottawa and Orléans.”

The plan is part of a comprehensive review of the City wide economic development plan.

The plan was approved by City Council on November 14, 2012.To read the report click here.