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Ontario Health Report Finds Healthcare Crisis is Worsening

  • Provincial News

MPP Adil Shamji released a new report from Ontario Health revealing the ongoing and accelerating deterioration of Ontario’s healthcare system. [ Read more ]

Government Housing Bill Fails to Build Livable Communities

  • Legislative Review

The Ontario Liberal Caucus is urging the government to fix their new housing bill by adopting amendments that would build livable communities, not just houses.

“We are encouraged to see the government set ambitious and much-needed housing goals for cities across Ontario, but we must be in the community-building business not simply the house-building business,” said MPP Stephen Blais, Ontario Liberal Critic for Municipal Affairs and Housing. “Communities cannot thrive without the infrastructure that makes them livable places, such as parks, recreation centres, protective services, roads and sewer systems.” 

Stephen Congratulates Recipients of the Ontario Arts Council Grant

  • Community Update

Stephen congratulated 18 individuals and 10 organizations in Orléans for receiving over $242,000 in grant funding to further pursue the Arts in the community.

Arts, music, theatre and drama play an important role in shaping the livelihood of our communities, and it is welcoming to hear that Orléans has so many dedicated members pursuing and excelling in the Arts.

School Bus Safety 🚌

  • Community Update

You might see school buses now showing off a new Eight Lamp Amber-Red Warning System.

With school just around the corner, watch for buses with the new system and give them lots of space for safety.

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