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Stephen Congratulates Recipients of the Ontario Arts Council Grant

  • Community Update

Stephen congratulated 18 individuals and 10 organizations in Orléans for receiving over $242,000 in grant funding to further pursue the Arts in the community.

Arts, music, theatre and drama play an important role in shaping the livelihood of our communities, and it is welcoming to hear that Orléans has so many dedicated members pursuing and excelling in the Arts.

School Bus Safety 🚌

  • Community Update

You might see school buses now showing off a new Eight Lamp Amber-Red Warning System.

With school just around the corner, watch for buses with the new system and give them lots of space for safety.

A Safe Return to School

  • Community Update

As we approach the Labour Day long weekend, and the sun continues to set earlier in the night, it marks the unofficial end to the summer for families across Ontario.

I hope that the children in your life have enjoyed their time off from school, taking advantage of the summer weather and exploring the great outdoors.

As kids prepare to return to school, we as adults also need to prepare to keep our children safe during these times.

Let’s remember to slow down while driving, ensure we stop for school buses, and be extra cautious for children who may be walking or biking to school.

Annual Community Corn Roast & BBQ 🌽 🍔

  • Community Update

Come out to our Annual Community Corn Roast and BBQ on Petrie Island on Thursday August 25, 2022 for some family fun in the sun! ☀️

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