East end councillors vow to protect core service

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East end city Councillors Blais, Monette and Tierney all vowed to prevent yet another flawed garbage plan currently being proposed by City staff to become a reality for the taxpayers of Ottawa.

“The residents of the east end and across Ottawa were very clear last October – they want value for the taxes they send to City Hall”, said Cumberland Councillor Stephen Blais. “This plan to reduce the frequency of garbage pick-up is not what voters sent us to City Hall to accomplish.”

City staff are proposing to reduce garbage collection to every two week to encourage residents to use their Green Bin, which would now be collected weekly. Service levels would further be reduced for rural residents who would see their recycling picked up monthly and all garbage picked up only every two weeks during the winter months.

“Garbage collection and recycling are core services”, added Orléans Councillor Bob Monette. “I will never be party to asking residents to pay more and deliver less value to them.”

A series of public consultations on the proposal are planned. East end residents can weigh in on the issue at a consultation taking place Sunday, January 16 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. At Place D’Orléans shopping centre.

“We need and want to hear from residents on this important issue”, added Beacon Hill – Cyrville Councillor Tim Tierney. “Residents across Ottawa should make their voices heard by phone, email or at the consultations taking place.”

All three Councillor’s will be on hand at Place D’Orléans to hear residents point of view.

“Like the Green Bin implementation and associated costs, there are serious flaws with this plan”, adds Blais. “As the father of toddler, I know first hand how untenable dirty diapers only being collected every two weeks will be for young families.”