Curbing Rolling Stops with Freshly Painted Road Signs

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Cumberland City Councillor Stephen Blais and Orléans Councillor Bob Monette unveiled a new tool to reduce rolling stops by painting advanced warnings for motorists.

Road Paint

“These new painted signs are an important addition to the community, and will help keep roads safer,” say Councillor Blais. “While some drivers need to be reminded to stop at stop signs, warnings prior to the intersection provide that much more distance for a driver to come to a complete stop.”

The new painted signs have been placed at four intersections in Cumberland & Orléans Wards:• Prestwick and Des Prairies• Esprit and Scala• Colonial and Sarsfield• Preston & Tompkins

“This pilot project will help to remind drivers of the importance of stopping at intersections particularly in residential areas,” says Councillor Monette. “Prestone and Tompkins is a major intersection in Queenswood Heights adjacent to a community park and this will help to ensure the safety of residents in the area.”

This new measure is in addition to other on street painting, flex stakes, digital speed boards and a new red light camera that have been installed throughout Orléans to help ensure our roads are safe for all users.

“Having an extra measure to ensure motorists are coming to a complete stop at stop signs will help keep our community safe,” adds Blais. “My hope is that motorists see the road paint and realize that failing to stop a stop sign is dangerous, and not worth a gain of one or two seconds in their commute.”