Cumberland Councillor announces recipient of the Stephen Blais bursary

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Stephen Blais bursary

Former St. Peter student receives funds to continue education

Cumberland Ward Councillor Stephen Blais is pleased to announce that St. Peter student Sarah Lacelle is this year’s recipient of the Stephen Blais Bursary at Carleton University.

“Councillor Blais’ donation is an excellent opportunity for students from Orléans and Cumberland to pursue higher education,” says Lacelle. “I’m grateful for this opportunity as the bursary has allowed me to achieve my academic goals.”

Lacelle is in her second-year of study at Carleton University and is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cognitive Science Cognition and Computation.

“In the 21st century economy, our ability to compete globally will be determined by the skills and qualifications of our workforce,” says Blais. “Students like Sarah will ensure that Canada thrives in a globalized environment and remains the best country on the planet in which to live, work and raise a family.”

Councillor Blais established the Stephen Blais Bursary at Carleton University following his commitment in the 2006 election for school trustee to not accept the 150% raise trustee’s voted themselves.

“The pursuit of higher education is a dream many of us share,” says Blais. “Through my donation to Carleton, students from our community will be given a hand up towards achieving their dream of a university degree.”

The $5,000 donation to Carleton University was matched dollar for dollar by the provincial government through the Ontario Trust for Student Support for a total value of $10,000. The yearly bursary will continue annually in perpetuity due to the earned interest on the donation.