Blais secures pilot to groom hydro corridor pathway this winter

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Hydro path snow clearing

Another recreational improvement for Orléans & Cumberland residents

Stephen is pleased to announce a new initiative for the 2016 winter season which will see the major East-West Hydro corridor’s multiuse pathway groomed for recreational use this winter.

“It’s often hard to stay active in our long cold winters,” says Blais. “By grooming the Hydro corridor’s multiuse pathway we can provide more opportunities for Orléans residents to stay fit by walking, snowshoeing or even cross country skiing right here in our own neighbourhood.”

Blais approached the South Nation Conservation Authority (SNCA) about grooming the Hydro corridor multiuse pathway weekly during the 2016 winter season. The grooming will pack the snow on the pathway similar to what is done on the Prescott – Russell Recreational Trail. The hard surface will allow residents to walk, snowshoe, jog or ski with ease.

The pilot will be to groom the path from the Dorima/Du Plateau pathway in the west to the dead end near the end of Demeter Street and Old Trim Road in the east every Friday for the months of January and February. There will be seven main access points from our roadway/winter maintained pathway network where the hydro corridor crosses over.

The access points are:

  • Valin Street
  • Portobello Boulevard
  • The winter maintained pathway between Paradise Crescent to Nesting Way
  • The winter maintained pathway leading from Garden Way through the church parking lot to Innes Road
  • Intersection of Innes Road and Orchardview Avenue
  • Dorima Street & Du Plateau Street
  • Dead end circle near the end of Demeter Street and Old Trim Road

“It’s an excellent opportunity to show the value of our work with the South Nation Conservation Authority,” adds Blais. “They are great stewards of our environment and provide tremendous recreational opportunities in the communities east of Orléans. If you love the outdoors the SNCA has something for you.”

For information on the South Nation Conservation Authority please visit: