Blais keeps promise to save city millions through investments in technology

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Cumberland City Councillor Stephen Blais is pleased to announce the City of Ottawa is investing in technology that will lead to millions in savings for Ottawa taxpayers.

“Our investments in technology will help ensure our workforce is more efficient and productive,” says Blais. “By limiting employee travel-time between City facilities, we will improve productivity, while at the same time, reduce reimbursements for parking and mileage.”

The City of Ottawa is moving forward with a comprehensive telework initiative that will lead to fewer vehicles on the road and less down time for city employees travelling between city facilities.

A study by the City of Calgary has indicated that employers can save $10,037 for every teleworking employee. Additionally, employees who telework are absent from work less often and see an increase in their productivity equivalent to almost 10% of their annual income.

There are also indirect savings through the increases lifespan of roads and public transit.

“Road and public transit infrastructure are very expensive items for Cities,” says Blais. “Now is the time to for innovative approaches to addressing transportation and transit issues that will lead to millions in savings for our residents.”