Blais delivers new roundabout

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Blais delivers roundabout

Roundabout to be built at Brian Coburn and Portobello

Cumberland City Councillor Stephen Blais is proud to announce the construction of a new roundabout at Brian Coburn Blvd. and Portobello Blvd. later this spring.

“Brian Coburn Blvd has always been planned as an important commuting alternative to Innes Road,” says Councillor Blais. “With the installation of roundabouts we will be able to flow traffic through, reducing congestion and ensuring people save time on their way to work and back home again.”

Traffic studies show that there are roughly 10,000 vehicles that pass through this intersection every day. The roundabout will significantly reduce the amount of stop and go that is the current result of the 4-way stop.

It is also being designed to speed up transit, with the implementation of near-side bus stops; it will lead to a more efficient and safer configuration for passengers to board buses. The installation of benches at the bus stops will also be included.

“This is another example of investing in results that matter for residents,” adds Blais. “We’re speeding up the movement for both cars and buses, installing benches to make waiting for the bus more comfortable, planting trees and bushes to beautify the intersection.”

The roundabout is being designed to improve the quality of life for current residents while also being adaptable to the changes that will take place over time as our community grows.

“This is smart planning that will allow us to avoid wasting money in the future,” says Blais. “By building it right the first time we will be able to invest in other areas to improve the community rather than spend more fixing old problems.”

A multi-use pathway on all sides of the roundabout as well as pedestrian and cyclist crossings will be integrated into the existing network. The use of new LED lights and a variety of plantings and shrubbery will also improve the look and the feel of the roundabout and reduce energy consumption. And the roundabout is designed to accommodate the future widening of Brian Coburn Blvd. to four lanes.

“This isn’t just about moving cars and buses,” adds Blais. “We are promoting common sense greening by installing energy efficient LED lighting, more trees and plants, and multiuse pathway connections for cyclists and pedestrians alike.”

A roundabout is also scheduled to be installed at the intersection of Mer Bleue and Brian Coburn Blvd and other intersection along Brian Coburn are being evaluated for the proper traffic management modifications.