Blais delivers Mer Bleue Road widening

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Stephen Blais delivers infrastructure

$5.5 million project a major win for Orléans residents

Cumberland City Councillor Stephen Blais’ push for greater road integration and improved transportation networks is once again being highlighted through the multi-million dollar widening of Mer Bleue Rd. and the construction of a roundabout at the Brian Coburn Blvd. intersection.

“This is a tremendously important and strategic link for all of Orléans residents,” says Councillor Blais. “With our community ever expanding, we need to make sure our infrastructure keeps pace and is able to handle the demand,” adds Blais.

Mer Bleue Rd. is one of Orléans’ original primary arterial roads. Stretching from Navan Rd. in the south to Innes Rd. in the north, it transitions into Jeanne-d’Arc Blvd. to eventually reach Highway 174.

The widening will start from 850 meters south of Innes Road, (where the road currently tapers from 4 to 2 lanes) to 250 meters north of Renaud Road. A roundabout at the major intersection with Brian Coburn Boulevard will also be built to facilitate the flow of traffic and reduce congestion, especially during rush hour.

“The widening and roundabout will lead to less time spent in traffic,” says Blais. “I drive through that intersection every day at rush hour and know just how long it can take, this project will have a noticeable impact on the flow of traffic for Orléans residents.”

Storm sewers and 1km of watermain will also be included in the contract to prepare for the growing communities nearby.

In addition to reducing commute times, the project will improve connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists with new street lighting, sidewalks on both sides of the roadway and bicycle lanes for both northbound and southbound travel. This will provide a safe and continues connection of the Smart Centres Shopping Mall to the communities of Chaperal and Avalon.

Construction will begin this week and will complement the multi-million dollar extension of Brian Coburn Blvd. further west.

“The roundabout at Brian Coburn and Mer Bleue is the first stage in extending Brian Coburn Blvd. further west,” says Blais. “As these two projects come to fruition we will have an excellent alternative to Innes Road reducing traffic congestion for all residents,” adds Blais.