Blais delivers major improvements for Orléans bus riders

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Stephen Blais driving the bus

New routes, fewer transfers, shorter commute times

Cumberland Councillor and Chair of the Ottawa Transit Commission, Stephen Blais was pleased to announce significant improvements for east end OC Transpo customers that will come into effect at the end of December 2015.

“We’ve listened very carefully to east end bus commuters feedback on how best to improve their service,” said Blais. “As a result of this valuable input, I’m very pleased we’ve been able to implement many of their recommendations.”

At the end of December, Orléans bound express buses will no longer stop at Blair Station. This change will reduce the commute time for 5,000 customers. Further, a new route 103 will be introduced for Orléans commuters and will replace the route 101 departing Orléans. Route 103 will bypass Hurdman Station in both directions and St. Laurent for eastbound trips saving residents between 5 and 16 minutes per trip each and every day.

“We’ve worked hard to reduce the amount of time Orléans residents must spend on the bus to get to and from work every day,” said Blais. “This saved time will be better spent with their families rather than idling on a bus.”

A new route 104 will provide enhanced benefit to east end residents by providing a direct connection between Place d’Orléans and Carleton University. This will eliminate a transfer for approximately 3,500 customers saving them up to 5 minutes of waiting per trip.

“We are providing a great new service for Carleton students and employees,” added Blais. “By eliminating a transfer we save time for those travelling to Carleton University and the entire Billings Bridge / Heron Gate area of the City.”

Blais also pushed for the creation of the new route 106 connecting east end residents with the Ottawa Hospital. It will eliminate a transfer for about 400 Orléans residents every day.

“Not everyone from the east end works downtown,” concluded Blais. “By eliminating a transfer we’ll make commuting to and from the Ottawa Hospital area that much easier for employees and patients.”