Blais calls for hydro fairness

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Cumberland Councillor wants One City–One Hydro

Cumberland Councillor Stephen Blais is calling on the province of Ontario to allow Hydro Ottawa to purchase Hydro One customers who fall within the boundaries of the City of Ottawa.

“This is about fairness,” says Councillor Blais. “We’ve been one city for more than a decade we should have one hydro company for all Ottawa residents.”

Currently, 45,000 residential customers within the City of Ottawa receive their electricity from Hydro One and typically pay a significantly higher rate compared to customers of Hydro Ottawa.

Many of these customers reside in Orléans and Cumberland Wards in the former Cumberland Township.

The City of Ottawa has, since amalgamation, repeatedly asked the province to purchase these customers.

“It’s time to finally deliver One City – One Hydro for residents of Ottawa,” says Councillor Blais. “The province has indicated they are interested in selling parts of Hydro One, Hydro Ottawa should have the opportunity to purchase these customers at fair market value.”

The Government of Ontario has indicated they are interested in selling parts of Hydro One to generate revenue to invest in infrastructure across the province.

It appears a deal has been reached in Brampton to sell Hydro One customers to local hydro companies.

“If they are willing to do it in Toronto they must be willing to do it in Ottawa too,” adds Blais.

Blais introduced a motion to Ottawa City Council on April 15, 2015 to request, once again, to participate in an open and transparent procurement process to purchase these customers at fair market value.