Blais awards school for green bin participation

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Green bin in schools

Cumberland Councillor Stephen Blais together with Orléans Councillor Bob Monette presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the students of Our Lady of Wisdom Catholic Elementary School in Orléans for participating in the Green Bin Program.

“Waste diversion is important and fiscally responsible for our City. By incorporating our schools into the Green Bin Program, we hope to improve our diversion rates and educate the youth of the value of using the Green bin,” says Councillor Blais.

Councillor Blais attended the school as a student and is the former School Board Trustee who was responsible for Our Lady of Wisdom School.

As part of its engagement strategy, the City developed the “Green Bins in Schools Program”. Under this program, the City gives schools Green Bins and picks them up with its regular residential collection teams. To date, almost 40 schools have joined the Green Bins in Schools Program.

Denise Mastromatteo-Als is a teacher and led the implementation the Green Bin program at the school.

“Our Lady of Wisdom’s Green Team has been working hard to make our school community even more environmentally conscious and we are very excited about participating in the Green Bin Pilot,” says Ms. Mastromatteo-Als. “The opportunity to take part in this program at our school reinforces what is happening at home and is increasing awareness within our society. Our entire school community, even our youngest students, are taking a greater role in minimizing the amount of waste they produce and are aware of the importance of caring for God’s creation.”