Where is the government’s second wave plan?

  • Legislative Review
On Monday, I asked the government for their second wave plan. They committed to one in the summer and as of Monday, September 21st still have not released one.

Earlier this year, when COVID-19 first struck, everyone was caught off-guard and all levels of government scrambled to respond.

But now, there are no more excuses. The government has had months to prepare for a potential second wave and I’m calling on them to share the details of their plan with the people of Ontario. Something governments in British Columbia and Quebec have already done.

Based on advice and feedback from health experts and front-line health care workers, I believe that the government’s second wave plan should include the following:

  • Strategy for restrictions on non-essential, inter-provincial travel including a potential border closure;
  • Eliminating unsafe waiting lines for COVID-19 testing;
  • Expanded sick leave and additional protections for workers;
  • Guaranteed access to fully-funded PPE for residents, patients and workers in both hospitals and nursing homes;
  • Real-time reporting of outbreaks at the source;
  • Increases in wages for essential frontline workers;
  • Urgent, compassionate action to protect migrant farm workers.