Using a Presto card just got easier

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Presto Card got easier

There are now 66 more reasons for transit users to like Presto. Transit customers will be able to purchase monthly passes, load funds, check their balance, and set age-based discounts at 66 different Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws and Real Canadian Superstore locations across Ottawa.

The new retail locations are currently being rolled out in a phased approach with all stores expected to have Presto services available by the end of May, this year. For an up-to-date listing of locations, visit: or

“Since its adoption, I’ve been urging Metrolinks and OC Transpo to make Presto more convenient for transit users,” says Blais. “The use of retail locations in the neighbourhood will allow customers to instantly load their card with the entire suite of fare options available to them.”

The addition of 66 new outlets will make it easier for transit riders to make Presto transactions. There will now be: 51 Shoppers Drug Mart, 12 Loblaws and three Real Canadian Superstore locations. When customers put funds on their Presto card at one of these retail locations, the balance will immediately be available to them.

Presto cards purchased at Shoppers, Loblaws and Superstore locations will have a new black design. However, it is important to note that whether cards are black or green, they will still function exactly the same way.

Today’s announcement is not the only improvements Blais has brought forward over the years.

“Making OC Transpo more convenient for Orléans/Cumberland residents and all Ottawans will hopefully encourage more of our neighbours to choose the bus for their daily commute,” says Blais. “Today’s announcement builds upon my priority to continue to rewarding our existing OC Transpo customers for their loyalty.”

Since first taking office in 2011, Councillor Blais has pushed for OC Transpo to provide more value to its customers. These actions include:

Pushing to reduce the Rural surcharge thereby ensuring rural and urban bus riders paid the same price to ride OC Transpo;
Reducing the premier cost of OC Transpo for Orléans/Cumberland rush hour commuters; and
Make the bus pass transferable has come to fruition allowing commuters to get more value from their investment by giving it to their children or others at night and on the weekends.