Transferable bus passes coming to Ottawa

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Transferable bus pass

Cumberland Councillor Stephen Blais kept another campaign promise today when the Ottawa Transit Commission approved the transferable bus pass as part of the implementation of the PRESTO smart card. The transferable bus pass portion released on March 16, 2010 was part of Blais’ 5 point plan to improve public transit for Orléans and Cumberland residents.

“By making bus passes transferable to any other resident, we will be providing better value for the cost of public transit for residents,” says Blais. “The ability to transfer your monthly pass to your children or other family members/friends will enhance public transit as a preferred mode of transportation in Ottawa.”

The PRESTO smart card will modernize public transit in Ottawa by providing a new, secure and convenient way to purchase fares and bus passes. PRESTO will also make it easier and more convenient for customers to use public transit in Ottawa through a use of contactless “smart card” technology.

“Ottawa public transit riders will now be able to use their smart card in other Ontario municipalities making it more convenient when travelling,” adds Blais. “I am an ardent proponent of employing technology to help taxpayers save money and improving the quality of service and the PRESTO smart card is another example of both coming to fruition.”

The PRESTO system already operates on several transit systems, including GO Transit Rail, Brampton Transit, Burlington Transit, Durham Region Transit, Hamilton Street Railway, Mississauga Transit, Oakville Transit and York Region Transit. TTC is using PRESTO at a limited number of stations as they are currently in deployment mode.