Slow down in school zones

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Cumberland Councillor Stephen Blais is reminding drivers to slow down in school zones.

“As spring brings more children walking and biking to school we want to remind residents to slow down in school zones,” says Blais. “We need to ensure the safety and security of our streets and protect our most vulnerable asset – our children.”

The City of Ottawa will be deploying speed display boards in front of schools that serve Cumberland Ward to reinforce the need to slow down in front of schools.

“We are being very proactive,” adds Blais. “Speed boards are an effective method of reminding and encouraging drivers to slow down and drive safely throughout the community, especially in front of our schools.”

Speeding is the primary traffic concern in the City of Ottawa resulting in numerous requests to reduce speed limits, install stop signs or implement traffic calming measures.

Speed display boards offer a quick, inexpensive and effective method to encourage responsible driving and can be deployed within a very short time frame in response to residents’ concerns.

“I support Councillor Blais’ effort to make sure that drivers use caution in front of our schools and at all times of the day,” says Elizabeth Bengal President of the Parent Council at Des Sentier Elementary School.

Speed Boards will be deployed in the area’s around:

  • École élémentaire publique Jeanne Sauvé
  • École élémentaire catholique Arc-en-ciel
  • École élémentaire publique Des Sentiers
  • École élémentaire catholique Alain-Fortin
  • École élémentaire catholique de la Découverte
  • École secondaire catholique Béatrice-Desloges
  • Our Lady of Wisdom Catholic School
  • St. Clare Catholic School
  • St. Theresa Catholic School
  • Avalon Public School
  • Dunning-Foubert Elementary School
  • Maple Ridge Elementary School
  • Heritage Public School