School is back in session

  • Community Update

Like many of you, our house has been a very busy place the past few weeks
getting ready for school and adapting to the changes in schedules that a new
school year brings.

For many, things still haven’t settled down as classes, teachers and bus routes
continue to fluctuate and get refined.

As I get ready to return to the Legislature at the end of the month,
I am hearing from teachers and parents about the challenges our education
system is facing.

Whether its class sizes that are too big, schools that are too cramped, bus routes
that aren’t available or policies that don’t make common sense, I will be working
hard to hold the Government accountable. To secure our fair share of investments
here in Orléans by building the best schools and filling them with the best teachers
and technology to help our children succeed.

Wishing everyone all the best success for the 2023-2024 school year.

Stephen Blais