Roundabout construction about to begin

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Improving traffic flow on Brian Coburn Boulevard

Stephen was proud to secure the $1.8 million in the 2018 budget to have the roundabout constructed this year. This builds on the $750 million of infrastructure investments secured to benefit the residents of Cumberland Ward since 2010.

Construction of the Brian Coburn / Strasbourg roundabout is set to begin in mid-May.

“Never before have we seen so much investment in our community,” says Cumberland Councillor Stephen Blais. “The new roundabout at Strasbourg and the other intersection modifications approved for Brian Coburn Boulevard will ensure we continue to benefit from a speedy alternative to Innes Road.”

As we approach the time of construction a traffic management plan will be finalized and communicated to residents. The intention is to have works completed before the start of the French school board year in late August.

The roundabout will be very similar to the one installed at the Brian Coburn intersection with Portobello.

“Like many in the community I use Brian Coburn daily to commute to work and travel to shopping and entertainment,” adds Blais. “It’s a reliable alternative to the gridlock we experience on Innes and we need to ensure it stays that way.”

OC Transpo stops will be relocated to the near side of the intersection. Additionally, pedestrian crossings will be installed. This will ensure OC Transpo users and parents/children walking to and from école Notre Place can cross the intersection safely.

“We’re making it easier for pedestrians to cross this busy road,” adds Blais. “At the same time, we’re improving the flow of traffic so we can spend more time with our loved ones at home and less time stressed out and frustrated sitting in traffic.”

The roundabout will allow for the free flow of vehicles when pedestrians are not present and will include enhanced landscaping.


At Councillor Blais’ urging the City conducted a review of the intersections along Brian Coburn Boulevard to understand traffic volumes and conditions, how the road was functioning and what measures should be considered to ensure it continues to function well as a major commuter road. Robinson Consultants conducted this review and looked at several different options for each of the intersections.

Robinson’s recommendations were to install roundabouts at Brian Coburn Blvd intersections with both Gerry Lalonde and Strasbourg/Des Aubepines and for traffic lights at Lakeridge and Esprit.

Traffic Lights are the recommendation for the two intersections within the existing built up area of Avalon as roundabouts cannot fit. This part of Brian Coburn has been built up for some time – before the City of Ottawa adopted roundabouts as a common intersection option.

The roundabout at Strasbourg/Des Aubepines is set to begin construction in May. We’ve negotiated an innovative arrangement with Minto whereby the City funds the intersection modification while Minto manages the project and coordinates construction activities. This allows for the construction to be accelerated and well coordinated with other works Minto is required to perform as part of their subdivision.

The 2018 budget also provides the funds for the traffic lights at Lake Ridge/Aquaview.

Depending on workload they may be installed in late 2018 but certainly in 2019.

Furthermore, the 2018 budget also includes the money to design the intersection at Esprit. A turning lane will be required to install traffic lights so engineering work is required.

Stephen will be fighting to ensure the funds to install the lights is included in the 2019 budget.

Finally, the roundabout at Gerry Lalonde will be built once Minto is ready to open the road south of Brian Coburn Boulevard. The City is in the process of negotiating the specifics of this with Minto to ensure that when the road is required for residential traffic from the subdivision the roundabout is installed and that an interim stop sign is not required– this would simply duplicate the problem that exists at Strasbourg today and defeat the benefit of the roundabouts along the corridor.

To view the detailed plans click here.