Rock Knoll Park concept plans

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Stephen Blais is pleased to present the concept plans for Rock Knoll Park.

Located in the Notting Hill Community on Nantes Street, the City will invest $200,000 that will make Rock Knoll Park a reality in 2012.

“Upon taking office, my immediate vision was to move forward on this park and ensure that funding was in place in my first budget,” says Blais. “I recognized the special contribution this park will make to the community and this sentiment was echoed by residents during the election campaign.”

Rock Knoll Park is a passive park and will provide a natural environment for residents who visit and provide an opportunity to learn about some of the natural features found in the area.

The City is looking for residents feedback on the concept plan which includes:

  • Trails
  • Interpretative plaques
  • Seating Areas
  • Eco-Play Stations
  • Planting