Remembering Linda Dunn

I am saddened to learn of the passing of a dear friend and mentor Linda Dunn.

Linda served as a Councillor and Deputy Mayor of Cumberland Township when it was, as a result of the growth of Orléans, one of the fastest growing communities in all of Canada. Linda was instrumental in the adoption of the Blue Box recycling program. A novel idea at the time…something we take as a given today.

I first met Linda on a dark and stormy night. Shortly after my election in 2010, Linda invited me on an evening walking tour of Navan. It was a cold and rainy November night. Linda, on behalf of the Women’s League, wanted to show me how dangerous the sidewalks, street crossings, gravel parking lots and lack of lighting was in the heart of the village – especially for vulnerable people. Over the years we were able to address most, likely not all, of those problems and its all as a result of that otherwise miserable evening.

A few years ago when the City of Ottawa wanted to dilute eastern rural representation on Council, Linda stepped up again. She advocated loudly for the residents of Cumberland, Navan, Sarsfield, NDC, Vars, Carlsbad Springs, Leonard and Bearbrook to continue to have strong east-end leadership at City Hall.

There wasn’t much in rural east Ottawa Linda wasn’t connected to.

My thoughts and prayers are with John, their children and grand children and all those who called Linda friend.

Here is the inscription on the plaque at Linda Dunn Park.

In recognition of her service to the former Cumberland Township as a municipal councillor and Deputy Mayor (1986-1991). Linda was also co-founder of the Eastern Valley Cooperative Nursery School in Navan and editor and journalist of the Cumberland Communiqué. She was president of the Navan and Secretary-Treasurer of the Russell District Women’s Institute. She has also been an active volunteer for the Cumberland Township Agricultural Society (The Navan Fair), Navan Fall Fest and Vintage Stock Theatre. The residents of the City of Ottawa benefit enormously from Linda’s leadership and devotion.

Approved by Ottawa City Council on July 11, 2012.