Provence avenue extension moving forward years ahead of schedule

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Cumberland Ward Councillor Stephen Blais is pleased that the Planning Committee approved a report earlier today to fund the extension of Provence Avenue.

“Provence Avenue is an important north/south road link that is missing a critical piece,” says Councillor Blais. “I have been hard working to find a solution to construct the extension early to improve connections for the community.”

Provence Avenue is located just west of Trim Road in the rapidly growing Orléans community. The road has already been constructed south of Innes Road and north of Brian Coburn Boulevard but is missing a 450m link connecting the two sections. The extension of Provence would normally be constructed and paid for by the developer when his lands are built on. However, the owner has indicated that no plans exist to do so in the near or medium term.

“This innovative solution will allow the City to fund the work and recuperate all its costs when the land is developed,” adds Blais. “The extension will help deal with traffic concerns raised by residents and improve the quality of life for the nieghbourhood.”

The report will be considered by full City Council in early June. A timetable for construction of the extension will be confirmed in the coming days.