Provence Avenue breaks ground

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Provence Avenue groundbreaking

Cumberland Councillor Stephen Blais is pleased to announce the extension and completion of Provence Avenue is scheduled to begin in July.

“We are excited that this crucial piece of Orléans infrastructure is nearly complete,” says Councillor Blais. “Provence is an important thoroughfare for Orléans south residents. It’s something that the surrounding community has been looking forward to,” adds Blais.

Provence Avenue was scheduled to be completed with the surrounding farm land was developed, likely a decade from now. But through an innovating financing plan conceived of by Blais the road is being built this year.

The completion of Provence Avenue represents an investment into Oréans’ infrastructure of approx. $1.6 million.

“Through out of the box thinking we are able to deliver Provence Avenue years ahead of schedule,” adds Blais. “Improving commute times and community connectivity will always be a priority for me.”

Goldie Mohr Ltd will be constructing the Provence extension, and is scheduled to break ground within a couple of days, with the work being substantially completed by October 31, 2013 with some final paving and landscaping work to be completed before the end of July 2014.

As part of the project, the new streetscape will be visually pleasing. With wide lanes, large sidewalks on both sides, and a great tree canopy, pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists alike will have a safe new boulevard to get home and travel within their community.

“The Portobello South Community Development Association is delighted that Provence Avenue will be completed well ahead of schedule” says Patricia Joyce, Communications Director for the Portobello South Community Development Association. “It will provide critical traffic relief from Portobello Boulevard and will bring the communities of Avalon, Notting Hill and Notting Gate closer together” adds Joyce.

Construction equipment is currently being moved on site for normal prep-work and minor excavation.