Proposals moving forward to name parks after former Cumberland Reeve Norman Edwards and Navan’s Syd & Verna Cotton

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Verna Cotton

Cumberland Ward Councillor Stephen Blais is pleased that two naming proposals are moving forward to commemorate the contributions of two pioneer families.

“It is important to recognize those that have come before us and to document our history,” says Councillor Blais. “Norman Edwards served as Reeve of former Cumberland Township in the 1940s and the Edwards continue to farm the land today.”

It is proposed that a new park at Portobello Boulevard and Sunshine Crescent in the Summerside community of Orléans bear Mr. Edward’s name, while an existing unnamed park on Forest Lea Drive in Navan be named for the Cottons.

“The late Syd Cotton was an early organizer of the Navan Fair and was instrumental in developing the Ayrshire breed of cattle,” adds Blais. “Verna Cotton is a pillar of our community and is Cumberland Township and Navan’s official historian.”

Robert Edwards, Norman’s only surviving immediate family member submitted the first proposal, while the Navan Women’s Institute submitted the proposal to recognize Syd & Verna. Letters of support have already been received, along with a petition.

The Commemorative Naming Committee accepted the proposals at a meeting on May 11, 2012. The proposals will soon be circulated for public comment as part of a 60-day consultation period.