Plan for Small Business

  • Provincial News

We are calling for urgent and innovative supports for Ontario Small Businesses.

Prior to the pandemic, 88% of our province’s workers were employed by small businesses – helping them get back on their feet is the best thing we can do for the economy.

We should be moving decisively to bring small business back.

That’s why we are announcing our plan to support small business: the Small Business Recovery Plan.

We need to help entrepreneurs preserve their businesses, stay open, and rehire workers by providing bold support.

The Plan for Small Business includes:

A Three Month Provincial Sales Tax Holiday. To encourage spending at small businesses, all purchases at eligible small businesses would be exempt from the provincial portion of the HST for three months. This will encourage customers to come back and spend – and give our small business a competitive advantage. The revenue for small business and overall stimulus will help to jump start our economy.

Waive Collection of Payroll Premiums. Ontario deferred payroll premiums for six months – this has created a giant balloon payment that small businesses will have to pay when the bill comes due in September, just as we want them to ramp up hiring. Waiving six months of payroll premiums will go a long way to reducing the burden that small businesses face.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Availability. Too many businesses are having difficulty navigating the system to procure the proper PPE at a reasonable cost. Others simply can’t afford it. Working with partners we will create a program to provide PPE at little to no cost for the hardest hit industries to ensure they are able to re-open.

The time to invest in small businesses is now. The Provincial Government isn’t moving – waiting on the federal government to take action is not a strategy and it’s not acceptable. It’s time for Ontario to get serious about re-opening, it’s time for Ontario to provide small businesses with the proper supports.