Pirates find treaaye (treasure) in Cumberland

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Pirate Splash pad at Millennium Park

Pirate Theme winner o’ community consultation fer Millennium Park splash pad

Cumberland City Councillor Redbeard Stephen Blais be pleased t’ announce that t’ Pirate theme was t’ overwhelmin’ choice o’ residents durin’ t’ recent consultations on splash pad designs fer Millennium Park.

“The invasion o’ swashbucklers at Millennium Park be somethin’ t’ behold,” says Councillor Redbeard Blais. “Ottawa’s Hot an’ Humid summer days will soon give way t’ treasured times an’ memorable moments wi’ family.”

The Gentlemen o’ fortune be expected t’ make landfall next voyage so Councillor Redbeard Blais be callin’ on all o’ Cumberland`s lads an’ lasses t’ start trainin’ t’ defend our treaaye once th’ splash pad be complete.

“I be thrilled t’ take our community into battle against th’ crews o’ Captain Jack Sparrow, Anne Bonney, Francois l`Olonnais, Edward Teach “Blackbeard” or Captain Hook,” adds Councillor Redbeard Blais. “Most land-lovers chose this theme as th’ design basis fer th’ splash pad fer which I want t` say…AYE MATEY!”

A destination splash pad be built beside th’ existin’ play structure as part o’ th’ innovative $8 million o’ Millennium Park expansion plan. Three designs be ideeualized by th’ park architects an’ an open public competition be held by Councillor Readbeard Blais t’ choose a winnin’ theme.