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Cut HST from Home Heating

Whereas, in Ontario, we don’t have a choice but to heat our homes in the winter;

Whereas, the MPP for Orléans was the first to call on the Government to remove the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) from home heating in Ontario;

Whereas, by taking the HST off home heating, families will receive a direct financial benefit every time they pay their bills;

Whereas, this is a simple and sensible measure that will make life more affordable and fairer for Ontarians;

Whereas, the Ontario Government has had countless opportunities to save Ontario families money, but instead, has continued to ask other levels of government to act;

Whereas, families are facing an affordability crisis and Ontario has tools to provide savings to families this winter, Ontario is choosing to do nothing;

We call on the Premier and the Government of Ontario to Cut the HST from Home Heating.

Families deserve a break