Ottawa Needs Ontario’s Support After Occupation

  • Legislative Review
The province was nearly absent throughout the occupation. Stephen asks the government
how they are going to support the residents and businesses of the City of Ottawa for the
nearly months long occupation of Downtown Ottawa.

After pressure from Stephen and others, the Government announces support for Ottawa

The Ontario government is providing up to $11.5 million to local businesses in Ottawa impacted by the nearly four-week long occupation near Parliament Hill in January and February 2022. Read more from the Government.

Stephen’s Response

The funding announced by the Ontario Government today is a start for those businesses affected by the 3-week long occupation of Ottawa. While it is welcome, for many of the businesses affected, it is simply not enough.

Stephen is calling on the Provincial Government once again, to support businesses and residents by: 

  1. Matching the Federal Government’s funding of $20 million to support downtown Ottawa businesses.
  2. Providing hydro bill forgiveness for affected businesses.
  3. Implementing an eviction ban for affected businesses.
  4. Providing additional mental health supports for residents.
  5. Supporting the additional policing costs incurred by the City of Ottawa. 
  6. Committing to a review of the Ministry of the Solicitor General’s and Ontario Government’s response to the occupation.

During the 3-week occupation, the residents of downtown Ottawa did not see the Premier or members of his Government. It’s time for the Government to step up and provide the support that is needed to help businesses and families thrive again.