Orléans scores a “sixer”

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Cricket in Orléans

Cumberland City Councillor Stephen has teamed up with the Cumberland Cricket Club, to bring another improvement to city’s east end. The first cricket pitch in Ottawa’s east end will be formally opened this summer.

“This is extremely exciting, not just for me and the Cumberland Cricket Club, but for thousands of residents in the east end, many of whom have come from backgrounds where cricket is a very popular sport,” says Councillor Blais, “I’m very happy about being able to announce this as it is the first cricket pitch built in Orléans”.

The pitch will be located at Millenium Park and will provide a sporting venue for cricket enthusiasts. Millennium Park is a multi-million dollar sporting complex in Ottawa’s east end.

The Cricket Pitch will be built in partnership between the City of Ottawa and the Cumberland Cricket Club as part of the Minor Capital Community Partnership Grant program; a program where the city matches the funds raised by the cricket club.

“Councillor Blais was absolutely instrumental in helping us secure the funding we needed,” says Mazhar Choudhry, President of the Cumberland Cricket Club, “He also found us a home for our pitch, something that had been incredibly difficult. We are very excited to be playing at Millennium Park, and we would love for others to come out and join us”.

As this sort of amenity has been very long overdue, there is much anticipation that the pitch will be heavily used and popular in the community. “Physical fitness is demonstrated to reduce the risks of several potential fatal health issues,” says Blais. “By building this new cricket pitch we are hoping to increase access to one of the fastest growing sports in Canada as well as promoting healthy living and increased physical fitness for residents of all ages and backgrounds.”