Orléans Health Hub Grand Opening

  • Community Update

What an amazing day for Orléans! It was a great pleasure to participate in the inauguration of the Orléans Health Hub!

A long time in the making but thanks to the dedication of countless individuals the Hub is officially open! 

The Orléans Health Hub is a unique and innovative model that will bring a wide range of specialized and community healthcare services under one roof. Once the project is completed, residents of the greater Orléans area, from newborns to seniors, will have access to integrated programs close to home, focused on their needs and offered in both official languages.

Visit the Health Hub website to learn more.

Architecture Award

Earlier this year, the Ontario Association of Architects asked Ontario MPPs to nominate important buildings in their communities. I nominated the Orléans Health Hub to showcase this state-of-the-art facility.

I’m so happy to say that the Orléans Health Hub was a winner of the Queen’s Park Picks Award by The Ontario Association of Architects! You can find more information here