New accessible swings come to two Avalon Parks

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Cumberland Councillor Stephen Blais is pleased to announce that accessible swings have been added to both Scala and Portobello Parks in Avalon.

“Society is judged by how we treat our most vulnerable,” says Blais. “As soon as I heard of the need for these swings in Avalon I moved to secure the necessary funding.”

Accessible swings are common in all new parks but many of the City’s older parks were not designed with accessibility in mind. Blais secured $25,000 from the Cumberland parks account to have the two swings installed.

“It’s been very hard not being able to play at the park with my daughter as other children play and enjoy themselves,” says Sarah Burleau. “With the addition of these swings, the whole family will now be able to enjoy the fresh air at the beautiful parks in our community.”

“We need to ensure that all of our children can enjoy playing at the park,” adds Blais. “Ensuring everyone in our community has access to parks and recreation opportunities is a priority for me – sometimes that means fast tracking bigger parks in brand new communities but sometimes it means a small addition to an existing park that will make all the difference.”