Millions invested in road renewal for Cumberland Village

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Rural HWY 174

Cumberland Councillor Stephen Blais is pleased to announce that with the approval of Budget 2014, $4 million of road renewals will be invested in Cumberland Village.

“This is the largest road investment in Cumberland Village since amalgamation,” says Blais. “These investments go a long way to narrowing the infrastructure deficit faced by every community across Ottawa.”

In addition to fully resurfacing HWY 174 from just east of Trim to Cameron Street, millions will be invested in critical safety improvements. The City will widen HWY 174 at the Quigley Hill Road intersection in order to provide a longer eastbound right turn lane and a dedicated westbound left turn lane.

The safety improvements also include fully paving the shoulders to provide an additional factor of safety for off-tracking vehicles.

The city will also install a centreline rumble strip along the entire length of the project limits. This will help ensure motorists are aware when they cross into oncoming traffic and hopefully help avoid head-on collisions.

In addition to the major investments on HWY 174 both Kinsella and Royal Orchard in Cumberland Village will also be resurfaced for another $625,000 investment in Cumberland Roads.