Major improvements for Orléans bus riders

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Stephen Blais riding the bus

Shorter routes, more seats, service for new communities

Cumberland City Councillor and OC Transpo Chairman Stephen Blais is proud to announce additional and significant improvements for Orléans public transit users.

“Orléans residents continually take the bus to work more than in any other part of the City,” says Blais. “These changes will make OC Transpo easier and pave the way to LRT more than a decade ahead of the previous plan for Orléans commuters.”

At Councillor Blais’ urging, City Council approved $18.4 million to purchase 17 new double decker buses and increase operational spending by $3.5 million a year to service new and growing communities as part of the 2017 budget.

“This is the first major investment in new service for growing communities in many years,” adds Blais. “We’re making it more convenient, more comfortable and more affordable by letting OC Transpo do the driving for residents who want it.”

In addition to the recent elimination of the Express Fare premium, saving Orléans bus commuters over $200 a year, these improvements will reduce walking distance and travel times while adding capacity, all making taking OC Transpo even easier to choose.

“From day one on council, my priority has been to reduce commute times and help to improve the quality of life for Orléans and Cumberland residents,” adds Blais.

OC Transpo anticipates these improvements will allow almost 1 million new rides once the service matures. The changes will be implemented on Sunday, December 24 as part of OC Transpo’s regular quarterly service changes.

Orléans OC Transpo Improvements

  • New Connexion Route 225 will provide peak period service to the growing areas of Trailsedge and Summerside West, with service to Blair Station every 20 minutes.
  • Route 234 will be modified to serve the growing communities of Summerside West, Avalon Encore and Chaperal.
  • Route 235 will be shortened to serve the Fallingbrook community and will replace Route 234 along part of Gardenway Drive
  • New Connexion Route 236 will replace Route 235 in Avalon to provide a faster travel time to downtown.
  • Route 136 will be replaced by Routes 234 and new Connexion Route 236. School trips will be renumbered as trips on new Route 636.
  • Route 221 from Cumberland Village will be modified to serve Cardinal Creek Village via Famille Laporte Avenue and Cardinal Creek Drive.