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Highway of tomorrow

Cumberland Councilor Stephen Blais is pleased to announce that the City will be moving forward with developing HWY 174 as an intelligent traffic system corridor between Trim Road and the “the split”.

“This is great news for Orléans and Cumberland residents,” says Blais. “This new technology will allow us to monitor traffic conditions and provide residents timely information on congestion and potential alternative routes.”

Currently there is very little infrastructure in place to detect an incident or congestion on HWY 174 and for the most part traffic management and emergency services rely on information from road users.

HWY 174 will receive intelligent transportation system components to keep traffic and transit moving along this corridor during the upcoming light rail construction, the Highway 417 widening and fixing of the split and other major construction projects on City roads. The following improvements are planned:

  • Installation of Traffic Monitoring Cameras to provide real time monitoring and incident detection (currently the camera feeds are available for viewing by the public at http://traffic.ottawa.ca/
  • Installation of a Automated Vehicle Roadside Detection System to capture traffic volumes, speed, occupancy which will allow for the detection of incidents and congestion in a much more efficient manner
  • Installation of permanent Variable Message Signs on the approaches to off ramps to allow the display of messages on road conditions ahead such as road closures, lane blockages, or construction information
  • Enhancement of the City’s Traveller Information System which will deliver/push out traffic information to the public via Interactive Traffic Website, phone, e-mail or other social media methods

“Through the investment in technology we will be able to provide better service to taxpayers,” says Blais. “By making HWY 174 a priority we will help reduce commute times and improve the quality of life for Orléans and Cumberland residents.”

These measures will greatly benefit traffic management in Orléans and Cumberland during all the road construction projects. It will allow Public Works staff to detect and confirm incidents or congestion in a very short time frame and then take immediate action, through the push of information through variable message signs, the interactive traffic website, social media to motorists traveling or about to travel on this corridor of the impacts of the incidents.

This will then allow residents to make an informed decision on how or when they may want to travel and the route they may want to choose to get to their destination.

These measures will also allow Public Works staff to adjust signal timings along adjacent corridors in a timelier manner thereby ensuring the efficient and effective management of all major roads in the transportation network.