Cumberland rural roads getting more TLC

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Record Investment in Rural Roads Continues

Once again Cumberland Ward’s rural roads are getting some much-needed TLC in 2019. The investments in 2019 build upon record investments in rural roads the past several years where Cumberland Ward has seen the highest investment in infrastructure renewal (per km of road) of any of the rural wards in Ottawa.

“For too long our rural roads have been neglected and the health of our roads deteriorated,” says Cumberland City Councillor Stephen Blais. “These record investments in rural roads are exactly what the doctor ordered.”

The 2019 Budget addresses the funding gap for infrastructure by expediting payments in five years, instead of the originally projected 10-year timeframe. No new debt will be incurred to narrow the gap.

“Ensuring we have well maintained roads is a top priority,” says Cumberland City Councillor Stephen Blais. “Once again residents in Cumberland Ward can expect to see major road improvements in 2019.”

In 2019, the City of Ottawa is investing $42.7 million to upgrade rural infrastructure including $12 million invested for rural culvert replacements and repairs.

Major Cumberland Road Works in 2019

Dunning Road – French Hill Road to Innes Road.
French Hill Road – Dunning Rd. to 355m east of Emmett Rd.
Anderson Road – Renaud Rd. to Russell Rd.
Farmers Way – Mitch Owens Rd. to Piperville Rd.
Russell Road – 50m each direction from rail line.
Russland Road – 100m each direction from rail line.

Surface Treatment
Wilhaven Drive – Emmett Rd to 120m east of Beckett’s Creek

Gravel Roads Upgrade
Wall Road – Trim Rd. to Frank Kenny Rd.
McNeely Road – Golf Course Rd. to 367m north of Russell Rd.