Cumberland gets major investments in pedestrian & cycling infrastructure

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Blais delivers cycling

New Multi-Use Pathways will bring neighbourhoods together

Orléans & Cumberland residents will benefit from nearly $5 million of investment in cycling and pedestrian infrastructure as three separate projects in Cumberland Ward are about to begin construction.

Two projects will provide enhanced connectivity within the Orléans communities of Cumberland Ward while the third will connect rural Cumberland Village to Orléans.

Trans-Orléans Multiuse Pathway

The Trans Orléans Pathway will eventually run East/West from Trim Road to Navan Road.  The first 3.2 KM phase, from Trim Road to Liska Street, will begin construction mid-summer 2017.  The proposed pathway will be 3-metres wide. The pathway will transect private property, public lands allocated for the future Cumberland Transitway, as well as an existing roadway right-of-way

“The Trans Orléans Cycling and Pedestrian Pathway will connect our community and act as the backbone for a larger network through Orléans and Cumberland,” adds Blais. “It will allow residents of all ages to safely travel to and from many destinations not having to use a car or a bus.”

Avalon North-South Pathway

When complete, residents will be able traverse Avalon from Innes Road to the southern edge of the urban boundary on this multiuse pathway.  The current project is the 1km missing link that will give residents direct access to: St. Dominic School, Minto Square Park on Esprit, Boisdale Park, Summerside Public School, Portobello Park, Avalon Public School. Future Transit way and Trans-Orléans MUP, Mariah Park, Fallingbrook East-West Hydro Corridor pathway.

Furthermore, within 400m of the Avalon North-South Pathway residents will be able to access: Scala Park, St. Theresa School, Pelican Park, Avebury Park, Vista Park and Alain Fortin Catholic Elementary School and the Francois Dupuis Recreation Centre.

“These two pathways are the most important pedestrian and cycling investment for Orléans and Cumberland residents,” says Councillor Blais. “They will complement the millions of dollars invested to build new parks and recreational facilities in Orléans by connecting the community with a completely segregated and safe corridor for residents to cycle, jog, walk, rollerblade and cross-country ski.”

Cumberland Village Cycling Connection

Paved shoulders will be built on Old Montreal Road from ave. Famille-Laporte eastward to Cox Country Road. They will continue south on Cox Country Road to Wilhaven Drive. Existing shoulders on Dunning Road will be extended south from Brickland Drive to Wilhaven Drive.

In addition to paved shoulders, signage, pavements markings and limited rumble strips will be installed to delineate the safer area for cyclists. Culvert replacements in 2017 and planning work is under way to resurface Wilhaven Drive from Cox Country Road to Dunning Road in 2018.

“Rural Cumberland is a beautiful environment for a range of recreational activities,” says Blais. “This investment will allow us to create a connection allowing Cumberland residents to easily access Orléans, and expose Orléans residents to the beautiful environment and amazing small businesses in Cumberland village.” 

The project is funded equally by the Government of Canada and the City of Ottawa. 

“This is an important infrastructure project for Cumberland,” says Francis Drouin. “It’s a great way to connect rural communities with existing infrastructure and encourage a healthy lifestyle in the process.”

When complete Cumberland Village will be connected to the Trim Road LRT station and Petrie Island via a paved cycling facility.

“When Stage 2 of LRT is complete residents in Cumberland Village could contemplate cycling from the Village to Trim Road, hopping on the train, and taking it all the way to the new National Defence Headquarters at Moodie Drive,” adds Blais. “This is a triple threat investment; mixing recreation, healthy living and environmentally friendlier transportation with electric light rail.”