Cumberland emerges victorious in Ottawa Budget 2017

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Roads, recreation, and transit receive boost

Cumberland City Councillor and chair of the Transit Commission Stephen Blais is pleased to announce that residents of Orléans & Cumberland will see huge benefits from the Ottawa Budget 2017.

“We are making significant investments in Orléans and in our rural communities without the huge tax increases of the past,” says Councillor Blais. “This marks another successful year of investment in the East-End as we continue to strengthen our community.”

As Chair of the Transit Commission, Councillor Blais helped create the Equipass – featured in the 2017 budget – to provide an affordable transit option for 4700 low-income. Blais also was integral in the addition of 17 new OC Transpo busses, a measure which will save countless hours of commuting for residents across the city.

“We are continuing our efforts to shorten commute times for residents of Orléans and across the city, ” says Blais. “These changes will complement the Light Rail in 2018 to give Ottawa residents a world-class public transportation system.”

Cumberland Ward residents will receive upwards of $9 million in recreation park investments over 2017-2018, and almost $5 million in road resurfacing for three projects (OR 174 from Cameron street to Canaan Road, Quigley Road from OR 174 to Old Montreal Road, and Dunning Road at Russland Road). It will also receive $454,000 for Parks and Buildings spending.

Budget 2017 also makes significant investment in rural infrastructure, most notably a $4 million investment in drainage infrastructure (made up of 40 culvert/projects), and a significant contribution from the Communal Well Rehabilitation Project.

“I’m happy to see that we are building off of the progress we have made in previous years,” adds Blais. “We continue to invest in our growing communities, both urban and rural. This latest budget is a big win for Cumberland Ward, and I am looking forward to seeing these plans come to fruition in the following year.”