Councillor celebrates Earth Day with tree-planting across Cumberland Ward

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TD Tree Planting

169 new trees being planted this Spring

Cumberland Ward City Councillor and environmental advocate Stephen Blais is happy to announce that 169 new trees will be planted in his ward for his annual tree-planting initiative.

“This tree-planting initiative is something that I look forward to every year,” says Blais. “Green space is incredibly important element of Cumberland Ward, and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate Earth Day than planting trees.”

The City of Ottawa has several forestry planning initiatives which plant and replace trees mainly located on residential right-of-ways, but also in parks, along pathways, and roads. Residents are encouraged to take part one of the many tree-planting programs made available by the City of Ottawa.

“Trees add value to our lives in many ways, including environmental benefits such as improving air quality,” adds Blais. “Trees also add value by aesthetically enriching neighbourhoods as a whole, both in terms of quality of life and property values.”

Residents can have a tree dedicated in memory of a love one through the Commemorative Tree Program. Households can also find out how to have a tree planted in front of their home through Trees in Trust. There is also a Schoolyard Tree planting Grant Program, and a Green Acres program – Ottawa’s rural reforestation program. To find out more or to take part in the options above, check out