Blais tours Avalon Public School to view smart board technology

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Councillor Stephen Blais, Vice Chair of the City of Ottawa’s Information Technology (I.T.) sub-committee toured Avalon Public School to view the school’s newly purchased SMART Boards. SMART Board technology is becoming increasingly more popular in schools as it serves as an interactive whiteboard to help improve learning outcomes for students.

“I congratulate the Ottawa-Carleton and Ottawa-Catholic School Boards for leading the way by embracing new technology,” says Blais. “Our local school boards are an example that I believe City Hall is replicating for the betterment of our residents.”

The City of Ottawa has recently moved forward with mobile workforce solutions where employees are able to upload and forward work orders from mobile devices while in the field. Previously employees would report to field yards where they would spend time completing paperwork instead of responding to inquiries from constituents.

“Our mobile workforce devices will allow employees to immediately respond to inquiries from constituents and avoid needless delays,” adds Blais. “By implementing smart technology, City Hall will provide better service for our residents.”

The I.T. sub-committee advises Council on potential large-scale investment in information technology and long-term planning of information technology needs for the corporation of the City of Ottawa. The Committee has an ongoing mandate to investigate information technology that provides improved access to city services, better communication with the public, enhanced management and oversight, possible cost restructuring in congruence with the City’s fiscal framework.