Blais thanks Cumberland volunteer firefighters

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Blais thanks volunteer firefighters

As part of Cumberland Councillor Stephen Blais’ effort to provide strong rural representation, he accompanied by Fire Chief Tim McNeely, toured Cumberland Ward’s four fire stations this week to gain a better understanding of the work performed by these everyday heroes in our community.

“These brave men and women are extremely important for the delivery of emergency services to our community,” says Blais. “I personally wanted to greet and thank all Ottawa Sector 7 volunteer firefighters who selflessly put their lives on the line for others.”

Councillor Blais’ tour with Chief McNeely included visits to the Navan, Cumberland Village, Vars, and Charlemagne fire stations. During the tour, Councillor Blais was able to test the most up to date equipment such as hydraulic door spreaders (i.e. the ‘Jaws of Life) and heavy-duty cutters. Councillor Blais tested the equipment on a car donated to the fire station where he was able to pull off a door and rescue a volunteer with a hydraulic door spreader.

“Our firefighters require the best available equipment in order to protect our lives,” adds Blais. “Volunteer firefighters are an integral part of the fabric that comprise our rural villages.”