Blais secures massive grant for Navan theatre company

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Vintage stock theatre

Vintage Stock gets a huge infrastructure boost

Cumberland Ward Councillor and supporter of community arts programs Stephen Blais is pleased to announce that Vintage Stock Theatre will receive a $40,000 grant to purchase a new portable theatrical stage.

“Investing in the arts can have a significant economic impact on local communities and allow residents to enjoy quality entertainment from local artists,” says Blais. “This investment will help enrich Navan as a strong and vibrant community within Ottawa.”

The Vintage Stock Theatre is a provincially incorporated non-profit community theatre organization that creates educational content on local history and heritage through entertaining historical productions. The funding for the new equipment was provided through the Rural Community Building Grant, which provided a total of $54,475 in funding to Cumberland Ward for 2016.

“Councillor Blais’ leadership on getting this grant demonstrates his commitment to the inclusion of arts and culture in local communities,” says Victor Lachance, President of Vintage Stock Theatre. “This type of investment will allow us to contribute to the quality of life in Navan and other rural communities.”

Vintage Stock Theatre is leading a project called La Boite Theatre Box with seven other community theatre organizations. The portable theatre stage provided by the Rural Community Building Grant will reduce costs for La Boit Theatre Box, as well as increase their capacity to perform in more locations.

“I applaud Vintage Stock Theatre for its tenacity to grow from modest beginnings into a dynamic organization,” adds Blais. “They are now being recognized throughout the Ottawa area for its unique theatre productions showcasing local talent.”

Photo courtesy of Tom Devecseri Photography