Blais pushes for road safety and resurfacing

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Treacherous east end roadways to be improved with $3.2M investment

Cumberland City Councillor Stephen Blais is proud to announce the upgrade of several highly used roads in the east end.

“There are some very dangerous sections of roadway that many of our neighbours use on a daily basis in Orléans and the east end,” says Councillor Blais. “I’ve pushed hard for these improvements to help prevent accidents and possibly save someone’s life.”

High Friction Asphalt will replace the standard and deteriorating asphalt along the very sharp “S” curve on Innes road, east of Frank Kenny, and on the dangerous curves on Renaud Road east of Anderson.

“Road safety is a top priority for me and the City of Ottawa,” adds Blais. “Orléans and the east end are finally seeing our fair share of investments in critical infrastructure like roads.”

The improvements to Innes Road are part of a Safety Improvement Program that saw upgrades made to the “S” curve including guardrails, flashing warning lights, a reduced speed limit, and “cat’s eyes” reflectors placed in the centre line.

Renaud Road serves as a major artery for Orléans residents travelling west and south who choose to avoid the rush hour gridlock on Innes Road and Highway 174.

This safety feature will compliment the roundabout that will be built at the Anderson and Renaud intersection, further reducing commute times and ensuring residents can travel safely.

“Most Orléans residents travel into the City to work,” adds Blais. “They know best the roads that need improvements and I am happy to say that we have been listening and ensuring that their hard earned tax dollars are spent in our community to improve their commute.”

Additional road investments for the east end will see the eastbound Highway 174 onramp at St. Joseph Blvd resurfaced as well as a large stretch on Ogilvie Road from City Park Dr. east to Montreal Road.

Ogilvie Road is so far deteriorated that motorists would detour to Montreal Road, further congesting the primary east-west options east end residents have to commute to work.

The total investment of these east end road network improvements will be approximately $3.2 million dollars.