Blais named Chair of Transportation Committee

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Chair of Transit

Vows roads to get serious attention

Cumberland City Councillor Stephen Blais is pleased that after successfully chairing the Transit Commission for four years that Mayor Watson and his city council colleagues have entrusted him with chairing the Transportation Committee.

“I vow to bring the same work ethic and enthusiasm to the Transportation Committee, as I did as Chair on the Transit Commission,” says Blais. “The City is embarking on a new Transportation Master Plan that will help guide our walking, cycling, transit and road networks for years to come.”

The Transportation Master Plan identifies the transportation facilities, services and policies that the City of Ottawa will implement to serve a projected population of 1.14 million people by 2031. It sets direction for the City’s day-to-day transportation programs and provides a basis for budget planning that is consistent with the growth management policies of the City’s Official Plan.

“As a city councillor who represents rural and suburban areas, I want to continue to ensure that our local road networks are repaved in real-time,” adds Blais. “We’ve also made real progress on Brian Coburn Blvd and I want to ensure it gets extended further west to reduce commute times by alleviating traffic on Innes.”

The Transportation Master Plan will come to life through mechanisms such as long-range financial plans, mid-range implementation plans, annual budgets, program development, area and corridor transportation studies, design or practice guidelines, and Community Design Plans.

In addition to long term planning there are important day-to-day issues that will be tackled by the Transportation Committee including the deployment of photo radar in school and community safety zones.

“Far too often, careless drivers speed by schools and parks without regard for children,” adds Blais. “We need a strategy to deploy photo radar in these sensitive areas to catch these culprits.”