Blais delivers common sense to OC Transpo

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Increased service from Orléans to Tunney’s Pasture and Lincoln Fields

Cumberland Councillor Stephen Blais is pleased to announce a significant increase in bus service for Orléans and Cumberland residents without any increase in costs.

Beginning Monday, January 9 Orléans and Cumberland residents will have an additional 70 trips to Tunney’s Pasture a major Government of Canada employment cluster.

“This is a significant increase in service for Orléans and Cumberland bus users,” says Stephen Blais. “These additional trips will allow users to avoid transfers, reduce their time commuting and spend more time with their family.”

At Blais’ request, OC Transpo analyzed routes that were ending their routes at Lebreton Flats but deadheading to their next route at either Tunney’s Pasture or Lincoln Fields. As a result of the analyses 61 routes will now continue along the Transitway to Lincoln Fields, making all requested stops including Tunney’s, and an additional 9 trips will stop at Tunney’s Pasture.

“This is the common sense approach the residents of Orléans and Cumberland are looking for from OC Transpo,” adds Blais. “The addition of 70 additional trips to Tunney’s Pasture at no cost to bus riders or taxpayers is another example of better bus service being delivered to Orléans and Cumberland residents.”