Blais continues to champion public transit in Orléans

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Stephen Blais driving the bus

Additional OC Transpo service improvements for east end residents

City Councillor and Transit Commission Chair Stephen Blais is pleased to announce that OC Transpo will expand its service for Orléans transit users.

“Following consultations with residents which identified a need for increased capacity, I worked with OC Transpo to add more capacity for Orléans commuters with larger buses and additional routes,” says Councillor Blais. “There have been great strides made to improve public transit in Orléans with even greater improvements coming in the near future.”

New RouteOld RouteAM
rush hour
capacity increase
rush hour
capacity increase
DescriptionDays of the Week
3013011%15%Operates between Millennium Station and Blair Station at all times with peak trips to and from downtown7 days
3320A & 1206%8%Current routes 20A and 120 combined into new all-day Route 33. Operates between Avalon and Place d’Orléans Station at all times with peak trips to and from downtownMon – Fri
135135Route 135 will not operate northbound in the morning or southbound in the afternoon because new Route 235 will provide this service at a regular fare.7 days
23320BRenumbered as new Route 233Mon – Fri peak periods
235352%3%Current Route 35 trips renumbered as new Route 235. Trips in the morning will serve Place d’Orléans Park and Ride.Mon – Fri peak periods

“East residents have consistently identified public transit, especially LRT as a key priority for commuting purposes,” adds Councillor Blais. “The changes we continue to make are resulting in improved service for transit riders by simplifying the current system and preparing the City for LRT”.

Residents are encouraged to use OC Transpo’s travel planner on to learn more specific details of the improvements.