Blais continues to battle speeding with new tools

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Blais Fights Speeding

New speed radar boards remind motorists to SLOW DOWN

City Councillor and anti-speeding champion Stephen Blais continues new initiatives to help combat speeding throughout the Orléans and Cumberland area.

“Our new Speed Display Boards are another new community benefit that may help save a life,” says Councillor Blais. “Some motorists need to be reminded to slow down and these speed boards drive the point across.”

The new Speed Display Boards will be placed throughout Cumberland Ward on streets that have excessive speeding. Four boards have already been installed with more to come in 2016 and can be rotated throughout the community.

“The use of this technology will assist city traffic experts to evaluate more data to help keep our community safe,” adds Blais. “My hope is that this measures will continue to enforce with our neighbours that speeding can have very dangerous consequences all for the sake of saving a few seconds – it’s not worth it!”

The Speed Display Boards are mounted on existing infrastructure and stay on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are solar powered and can transmit the radar data to the City’s Traffic Department.

Councillor Blais has been a forceful advocate for the City’s Safer Roads Ottawa Program that also saw the implementation of the “Leave the Phone Alone” program, the “I Stop You Stop” campaign, and the “Slow Down for Us!” awareness campaign. More information on the City’s road safety programs and awareness campaigns can be found at: