Bail Reform in Ontario

  • Provincial News

This week Stephen participated in public hearings on the future of Bail Reform as a member of the Standing Committee on Justice Policy.

The Standing Committee on Justice Policy is conducting a study on the reform of Canada’s bail system as it relates to the provincial administration of justice and public safety with regard to persons accused of violent offences or offences associated with firearms or other weapons.

There is a concern that offenders accused of serious gun crimes are being released on bail and subsequently re-offending, sometimes with deadly consequences.

The Committee heard from the Ontario Provincial Police, Toronto Police and other police services and associations. Surprisingly, The Ottawa Police did not provide representations despite zoom presentations being available.

We also heard deputations from criminal defence attorney’s, academics, The Canadian Civil Liberties Association and others.

While the opportunity to share official comments with the committee has closed, should you have thoughts please share them with Stephen by clicking here.