Back to School

  • Community Update
My statement to the Legislature about back to school.

The beginning of the school year always brings with it a special energy: a combination of stress, anxiety and excitement.  This year, even more so.

Touring école Notre-Place.

As parents my wife and I have had several conversations about the return to school and what it means for our family.
As an MPP, I’ve heard from many of you about your trepidation, stress and concern as well as the confusion that has been created by the ever-changing criteria, standards and start dates.
But now that school is here, I want to thank all of the teachers, early childhood educators, custodians, bus drivers and administrators for the hard work you’ve put in to try and bring some normalcy back to our lives.  It will continue to be difficult and there will likely be more change but your efforts to bring professional education back to our children’s lives is very much appreciated.
I have been able to take a tour of école Notre-Place a French Catholic Elementary School in Avalon Encore and Cairine Wilson High School in Convent Glen. The dedication of the staff was apparent from the very beginning. 
As we continue to transition back to school, I would like to hear more about your personal stories on how it has gone.  How have your children adapted? What is going well and what isn’t? If you are an educator, administrator or otherwise work in a school, I’d like to hear from your as well.

It’s going to be a difficult fall but the more we share the stories of what is working and what isn’t the easier it will be to make the improvements we all want to see to ensure our children have the best and safest educational experience possible.