Automated speed enforcement – coming soon

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Automated speed enforcement, commonly known as photo radar, is coming soon to Ottawa streets. These signs serve as an early warning to motorists to slow down.

Municipalities in Ontario were recently given the authority by the provincial government to start issuing speeding tickets using automated speed cameras. One of the conditions, is that signs alerting motorists that a camera will be coming soon must be installed for 90 days wherever cameras will be located. In March, these “coming soon” signs will be replaced with new signs that warn motorists that cameras to catch speeding motorists are “in use.”

Speed cameras, much like red-light cameras, will be set up wherever these signs are located. The locations are all recently approved community safety zones near schools where aggressive driving behaviour including speeding is a risk to children. Locations were selected based on data including previous incidents of speeding vehicles, the number of children walking to school, and previous collisions. The locations are:

  • Innes Road (École secondaire catholique Béatrice-Desloges)
  • Bayshore Drive (St. Rose of Lima School)
  • Ogilvie Road (Gloucester High School)
  • Smyth Road (Vincent Massey Public School, Hillcrest High School and École secondaire catholique Franco-Cité)
  • Meadowlands Drive West (St. Gregory School)

Three additional sites will have 90-day warning signs installed in the near future:

  • Watters Road (St. Francis of Assisi School)
  • Longfields Drive (École élémentaire catholique Pierre-Elliott-Trudeau, St. Mother Teresa High School and Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School)
  • Katimavik Road (Holy Trinity Catholic High School)

Motorists photographed speeding through the area are likely to get a ticket. Tickets will be mailed to the registered plate owner of the vehicle and will show up in the mail within about 30 days. The amount of the fine will be based on how much the driver was exceeding the posted speed limit. And because the offence occurred in a community safety zone, the fine will be doubled.

There is a very simple way to avoid getting a ticket – just don’t speed. Slow down and help keep our communities safe. Think Safety, Act Safely!