The Need for Affordable Child Care

  • Legislative Review

Stephen recently wrote to the Minister of Education about the need for affordable childcare options for Ontario families.

Affordable child care will help put 130,000 parents back into the work force, the majority of which are women who have been disproportionally put out of work during the pandemic. 

The Federal Government recently announced a $10-a-day child care plan that will require the cooperation of the provinces.  In my letter, I urge the Minister of Education to ensure the provincial government participates in this program.

$10-a- day child care would greatly alleviate the huge costs some parents incur for this service.

Stephen also urged the provincial government to bring forward an affordable childcare plan of its own.

Stephen recommended that this plan should include:

  • 50% reduction of fees for before and after-school care
  • An enhancement to the 18-month parental leave program.
  • 50% enhancement to the Childcare Access and Relief from Expenses tax credit
  • Free tuition for early childhood educators to ensure we have the workforce to deliver the program

These measures would change the lives of thousands of Ontarians and create over 30,000 new jobs for early childhood educators and other childcare centre staff and 15,000 construction jobs to build new childcare centres.

Read the full letter here.