A better Lansdowne

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An accomplished group of architects and landscape architects today revealed the detailed designs for the new Lansdowne.

The plans and images were shown to City Council members and media at a technical briefing featuring some of the top architectural design talent in North America.

“This is an exciting and innovative vision for the new Lansdowne,” said Councillor Blais. “It will transform Lansdowne into the magnificent asset it ought to be, making it a lively and special place for residents from all parts of the city.”

The design work of the last two years involved integration of the three elements of the project – a large new park, a re-designed stadium and Civic Centre, and a village of boutique shops and stores, services and residences – into a single plan. The work involved the detailing of buildings and planning for how the open space, heritage buildings and greenspace could be used.

“Two years ago I said Lansdowne had lost its way. It had become a fondly remembered piece of Ottawa’s heritage that was no longer working in its role as a city landmark,” said George Dark, the prominent landscape architect and urban planner who is a member of the Lansdowne Design Review Panel. “Today we are well on our way to having a design that will build a special urban place.”

An update on the redeveloped Lansdowne will be presented to the Finance and Economic Development Committee on February 16 and for consideration by Council on February 22.